Pukemako ZL1/WK-153. Sanatorium Hill

Friday after work we packed a picnic dinner and made our way to the hills of Cambridge, not too far from home.  Although Warren was not the first to activate this summit he wanted to get another unique summit for his log, and that he did.


The hill is easy to access and you can drive with any vehicle right to the summit point, so for those in the area, this could be a nice easy get to summit to test out your SOTA activation’s for the first time.  Don’t be fooled however as to where the summit is as there is a couple of wide spread grassy picnic area’s before you reach the actual summit.  (summit is in the cover pic for those who wonder how you spot it).

There was plenty to do up on this hill for the kids, plenty of wide spread area and even a short bush walk through native bush.   The only restriction on this is no dogs aloud in the area. unless they have been treated for sheep measles.

A couple of hours were spent at the summit while we had dinner and Warren played SOTA.  We used a fibreglass stick to elevate the dipole and enjoyed many contacts on 40 meters to ZL and 20 meters to VK. There is some HF noise at this site but not as severe as some other sites we have been to.

We stayed until the sun went down and then headed home.



Summit Information

Summit height – 382 m.

Access from – Gudex Road (off Maungakawa Road)

Nominal time to summit – 15 minutes drive from Cambridge

Summit marker – 2 square concrete ring foundations can be found at the summit.

Land access permission – Not required.

2 thoughts on “Pukemako ZL1/WK-153. Sanatorium Hill

  1. 28/12/16 The road has been leveled, upgraded and chip tar sealed right to the summit.As Warren states there is localized noise which I suspect is generated by the communication equipment on the sight.Quite strong on 40m. Expect visits from sightseers,cyclists etc more so in summer.Like most NZ summits prepare for all four seasons in one day.The litter scattered around is appalling 😦

    73 de ZL1PO


    1. That is a shame about the litter John, it was pretty good when we last visited, that said there were a few unsavory folk up there up to no good last time we were there, so does not entirely surprise me. (Emma)


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