Puketutu ~ ZL1/WK-158

The weekend of July 16 2016, we were Auckland bound to see a concert – Pink Flyod Experience.   Of course Warren had in the back of his mind that we haven’t been out chasing hill tops for around a month now and so we snuck in Puketutu, not far from the Bombay Hills.   It is an easy walk that takes about half an hour, but be aware that it closes from August 1st until the end of September each year for Lambing.   Being on DOC Land meant that there was no permission required.   Again do not be fooled.   The trig point summit is not the true summit for SOTA activation, you need to head towards the first set of radio  towers and active from there to be in the correct location for SOTA.   This true summit stands 6 meters above the summit where the trig is located, is half the nominal walking time and spouts a rather impressive tower walking distance away.   Warren is quite keen to obtain one…..the answer to his request is a resounding NO!



Conditions were difficult and we only managed 5 contacts with 4 individual hams. We did get a summit to summit in the log from Tony VK3CAT on VK5/SE-002. 7 MHz was skipping over the north island stations and we struggled to get Phil ZL2TZE (Blenheim) in the log. However with the qualifying points in the log and an imminent shower cloud approaching, we decided to pack up and head out, lest we catch a flu.





This is an easy summit for anyone who wishes to activate, and a great first summit for anyone new to SOTA.   Easy short half hour walk to the summit.  Follow the fence line to the towers in the distance, and you are set.


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