Moir Hill

Its been a while since we did a drive to summit and this was an easy get to summit to nab on our way home from Mount Auckland and so that is just what we did.

Heading back towards the city we detoured off and found Moir Hill Summit.    On our way back down we did discover off the side of the road, what looked to be a walking track that you can use if you do want to try and walk to the summit, if you wanted to get some exercise, rather than follow the road to the summit.  There looks to be two tracks you can take, dependent on what sort of challenge you wish to give yourself on the day (This is on DOC land) –

There isn’t a great deal of view up there to admire, but there was plenty of room for the kids to run around, which was welcomed, though we are not sure how they managed to still have some much energy after our walk earlier , but as usual they never cease to amaze.   Looking out across farm land hills one way and down the grave road in  both directions, a few towers and building and bush land on the hill side opposite is about all that is to be seen from up here.   The summit is located at #524, though there is a drive to private property at the site, so be wary not to park over the drive and be mindful that you are on local land, so respect as usual is essential.


Band conditions improved compared to the last activation at Mt Auckland so we managed to work a few more contacts around ZL and VK. That said only 5 contacts were made. It was nice to hear ZL2TSP on – an electrician from Hawkes Bay I have known. We also worked fellow activators Kyle and Wynne from this summit. Admittedly I had the advantage of having a mast at this activation which must have helped.



Later in the day we discovered a solar flare likely had an influence on the bands and the difficulties we encountered. Fortunately we made the required contacts and still had a great day out adventuring around North of Auckland.





Summit – ZL1/AK-011

Height –354m

Access – Moir hill road is off SH1 just south of Warkworth.

Nominal time to summit – About 30 minutes drive from North Auckland.

Mobile and internet coverage from the summit –Full coverage.

Summit Marker – Drive way numbered 524 + Towers and buildings at a small clearing area on the road side.

Land Access Permission – not required (road reserve), though do be mindful of private land located around the summit.


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