Cooper’s Knob -ZL3/CB-806

A trip to Christchurch for a project presentation gave me an opportunity to do a joint activation with Andrew ZL3CC of Cooper’s Knob. We did eye up a higher summit but circumstances and weather happened to be against us. Andrew has been very active in ZL3 so it was good to finally activate one together. Andrew had activated this summit earlier but a quick trip outside the activation zone meant he was able to chase me and complete the summit as both an activator and a chaser.


As we set off the skies were clear above the port hills and it was warming up to be a magnificent day. Cloud covered the ranges limiting our view, however the views of the southern alps,  the views of Lyttleton harbor, Christchurch and surrounds all made up for it.

The track up is relatively easy and takes about 15 minutes from the road side carpark.


The climb up to the trig on the rock is to be taken with care. A narrow track around the right of the rock will take you up to the trig, but it has sheer drops so be sure of your footing. Due to activating mid morning conditions were not that favorable. I worked 3 locals on 7 MHz, and Wynne ZL2ATH who was maritime mobile on Lake Taupo (also on 7 MHz). After working Andrew outside the activation zone on 144 MHz, we tried some DX. I could copy 2 VK stations however they were unable to copy me. At this point we packed up and headed back to town, contempt with another point and new summit in the log.




Summit – ZL3/CB-806 Cooper’s Knob

Height – 573 mASL

Access – Drive (Summit Road) to carpark for Gibralter Rock (on right). Walk back up the road 50m to find steps heading up the Eastern side of the road. Once at the top of that track follow your nose to the trig (path to the trig on the rock is on the right of the rock – take care steep drops).

Nominal time to summit – 15 minute walk from carpark.

Mobile and internet coverage from the summit – 3g coverage.

Summit Marker – Trig station.

Land Access Permission – Not required.

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