Rangitoto Volcanic Island Summit

Firstly here is a bit of general information for everyone that is useful if you are planning a trip to Rangitoto.  It is still important to remember that we traveled in January 2017 and over time prices and times may vary so your own research is still the best bet.   Having just returned from a week in Hawkes Bay with family we may have … Continue reading Rangitoto Volcanic Island Summit

Te Toiokawharu – Waitakare Ranges

After making it off Rangitoto Island and back to Auckland City, a quick bite to eat and off we set again, this time headed for the Waitakare Ranges.   We had been up here investigating a few months ago after being in Auckland to see “The Pink Floyd Experience” but weather was not looking flash that day and we decided it was best to just head … Continue reading Te Toiokawharu – Waitakare Ranges