Mount Ruru – ZL1/WK-138

A few months ago after ticking off another near by summit we went in search of permission to access this one, however on this day the person we needed to talk to was away and so we took contact details and Warren made contact at a later date, and arranged for us to go up after work one evening.  The landowner needs to run through a quick brief with anyone wishing to access this summit as it is on private land.   You are able to drive to the base of the summit track to the locked gate and make your way on foot up the track to the top, this is an easily walk for anyone.

We did this one after work one evening and were lucky to enjoy good weather although the showers we saw in the distance did make us nervous at one point. The air was clear which allowed for some spectacular views of the ranges to the east and volcanoes to the west.

We were lucky to have plenty of contacts on this evening with hams in ZL and VK. We were fortunate to make a summit to summit with Peter VK3PF. 18 contacts in total filled a page in the log book nicely. Just 1 activator point for this summit but it was an enjoyable point with not too much effort required.

As you can see this site is used for radio broadcast. It was also used for television broadcast before the switch to digital television. Interference at this site isnt too bad on HF, if you avoid the odd spot of noise. Your handheld radio might experience some de=sensing however.


Summit – ZL1/WK-138 Ruru

Height – 482 mASL

Access – Drive to Ti Miro, turn into Gray Rd. Just before the end of the road is a gate on the right marked private property. Park safely near here and walk up following the vehicle track to the summit.

Nominal time to summit – About a 30 minute walk from the gate.

Mobile and internet coverage from the summit – 3g coverage on Spark network, Vodafone is very patchy.

Summit Marker – Radio Masts, trig.

Land Access Permission – Required. The farmer is open to hams accessing the site during dryer months only, and will need to induct you for health and safety etc. You will then be required to log in and out via text.

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