On top of the Coromandel Ranges

So the long weekend was upon us and as Emma and the Kids were already on Holiday for the last week of the school holidays, in Whangamata, I had planned a rather adventurous task.   Turns out that my SOTA eyes are….well in this case, were far greater in size than my SOTA belly.   I had planned a walk that covered three summits and decided it was achievable, naturally as you can probably already tell thus far…..this plan stopped after summit number 1.    The walk in I had predicted would take perhaps 3 hours and I guess were weren’t too far out, but the walk was difficult in places, especially once we reached the base of the very steep and rather adventurous steep climb up rock faces and over grown paths to the summit.

The track started off great and we thought it wasn’t too bad, that was until we hit a wall and found ourselves at the bottom of a straight up climb, fitted out with chains to help with the climb, from this point the path to the summit was rather difficult.   Wyatt *aged 7, got to the top of the chains and looked down, and that was the end of that for him.   He was not going to be convinced he could manage the rest of the way.   Essentially it was a drop straight down on all sides.   He came back down and Emma waited the next hour or so at the bottom of the final climb with him.   They enjoyed their lunch and passed their time with a few games and stories to pass the time. Myah *aged 9 and a very much daredevil young lady, and I carried on to the summit and activated this one, to log in the tally.

With thanks to John ZL1PO busy rallying the troupes we quickly made contacts on 146 MHz FM to qualify the summit. I had lunch and set up on HF but conditions weren’t the best – I only managed to work Rick VK4RF. With the time now approaching 2pm we decided to head back the way we came and abandoned plans to activate 046 and 072 on the same track.

The views from the summit were impressive helped by the brilliant weather.

The walk back was equally good however near the end our feet and legs were letting us know they had had a long day. An enjoyable walk – well worth the trip.


Summit – ZL1/WK-041 Kaitarakihi

Height – 852 mASL

Access – At the top of SH25A there is a carpark on the south side of the road. Cross the highway and follow the track to the summit.

Nominal time to summit – 3 hour walk to summit.

Mobile and internet coverage from the summit – 3g coverage on Spark and Vodafone network.

Summit Marker – Clearing and signage..

Land Access Permission – Not required – DoC Land.

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