Mount Tiger

After the nice day at Urquharts bay we went looking for a drive up to do a twilight activation. Mount Tiger looked like a healthy candidate, the road running right past the spot height. The plan was to set up roadside however there was a convenient lay-by at the summit to get setup. it was still and warm this evening so it was quite comfortable to set up on the fence line with picnic chairs.


I started by trying to contact Paul VK5PAS on 7 MHz for a summit to summit. He almost heard me once but we couldn’t quite make the contact. So I found a frequency and started calling. I worked a few locals and Gerard on 7 MHz before grabbing a few on VHF and then I thought I would give 14 MHz a try. Low and behold Paul found me there for the summit to summit. I waited around at Andrew ZL3CC’s request to get him in the log and then decided we had done our dash and proceeded to pack up.


Mount Tiger is an easy summit to activate if you are near Whangerei but please be careful of the 11 kV power lines near the roadside.



Summit – ZL1/NL-062 – Mount Tiger

Height – 317 mASL

Access – From Whangerei head out on Whareora Road then right into Mount Tiger Road. Park in the lay by on the left.

Nominal time to summit – 10 minutes drive from Whagerei.

Mobile and internet coverage from the summit – 3g coverage on Spark and Vodafone network. 665 and 675 repeaters.

Summit Marker – No marking so will need GPS to confirm.

Land Access Permission – Not required – Road reserve.

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