ZL1/WL-101 Hawkins Hill

Hawkins Hill was the first summit to be activated when ZL1 came online. Andrew VK3ARR managed this one however only made one contact. Blog here https://vk3arr.wordpress.com/2015/12/01/zl1wl-101-hawkins-hill/. A year and a half later it is my turn. This one is only a 15 minute (if that) walk from the carpark. Follow the signs up to the Brooklyn wind turbine then just keep going. There is a … Continue reading ZL1/WL-101 Hawkins Hill

ZL1/WL-153 Mount Crawford

Sunday morning the sun came out so off I went looking for a summit to activate. Mount Crawford is the lowest summit in ZL1/WL region and is also the only drive-to in vicinity. The car park outside the old Wellington prison is in the activation zone however according to a local the land surrounding the trig (near the water tanks) is public land despite signage … Continue reading ZL1/WL-153 Mount Crawford