Hikurangi ZL1/MW-105

On an unsuspecting Sunday we arranged to go up Hikurangi to catch some sights and play a little radio. This hill also houses the local amateur repeater 715. We made arrangements with the friendly land owners and set out….early because we had word there were prospects of a few summit to summit points up for grabs and who wants to miss those right!?! The morning … Continue reading Hikurangi ZL1/MW-105

Hakarimata *Special Edition* Re-blog

Its not often we will re-blog a summit for Warren’s SOTA blog, though sometimes there is reason to make a little extra effort, like when April fools day rolls around and we decide that walking up 1349 Steps seems like a good idea!!   When SOTA kicked off in ZL, Warren was not able to be out on a summit due to other commitments so back … Continue reading Hakarimata *Special Edition* Re-blog