Whakapoungakau ZL1/BP-152

Time to get back out and scout some new summits. This one looked like a good candidate and hadn’t yet been activated. In fact I was somewhat surprised no one had beaten me too this one. The walk is a good one and the track is well formed. The main part of the track is shared with cyclists and I did meet a few on my way out. The ascent is moderate (except the initial climb up to 500 m which is a bit more of a grunt – but nothing to severe) so this track is great for all levels. I met some Wallabies near the summit on my way out. Not Australian rugby players – real life wallabies. Apparently they are a pest here so I found out later. I didn’t know they were in the wild here in New Zealand but there you go. They didn’t seem afraid of me.

Despite the noise from the solar chargers on the radio equipment signals were good from this summit. 13 contacts in the log on 5, 7 and 14 MHz, including 3 summit to summit contacts with the lads in ZL3. From memory this was a 2:30 climb up and less than 2 hours back down.

ZL2AJ Unique Summit #113


Summit – Whakapoungakau ZL1/BP-152

Height – 758 m ASL (height gain of 320 m)

Access – From Lake Okataina Road – outdoor camp ground carpark.

Coverage – Spark cell coverage from the top

Summit Marker – Trig + Radio site

Land Access Permission – DoC – No permission required.

NB:  Photos are not for use elsewhere, without prior approval. 

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