Gentle Annie – ZL1/MW-107

I have driven past this summit before and contemplated activating it. On the 25th of September I did just that. This summit I have unofficially named the Gentle Annie, as the road that passes here is called the same with reference to the quality of the road climbing up the western side from Kuripapango. The road is now sealed so has lost some of its claim. Once you cross the saddle to this summit on the opposite (western) side of the road there is a vehicle track that leads to a car park of sorts. Walk back to the road, cross the road and head north. You will see a place to climb the bank and begin your walk. The track is unmarked and is easy to loose so a GPS / map is useful. The track is a good gradient and it shoudnt take to long to reach the top. 1 hour tops.

With no cellular coverage I had to raise the attention on the only repeater I could trigger – 725. Once I had raised Gary ZL2GAZ who was out walking we tried for a simplex contact but it wasnt to be. I asked hm to text John ZL1BYZ spot credentials and CQd on 7 MHz. First contact was a summit to summit with Rik ZL3RIK on ZL3/CB-760. No other takers so via 725 / Gary / John I managed to spot on 5 MHz and added 2 more to the log. Another QSY spot to 3.5 MHz and 4 more contacts. Success – summit points and unique claimed. I set off to also do ZL1/MW-066 Komata next making it a 10 point day. These 2 summits pair up nicely and I recommend doing both. Take care walking down from MW-107 as while up generally points to the summit, there are 360 degrees of down and it is easy to chose the wrong ridge or miss the track. Next time I go up I’ll take some ribbon with me to help guide. But your GPS and map will be invaluable.


Summit – Unnamed ZL1/MW-107

Height – 767 mASL (apx 150m climb)

Access – From Napier Taihape Road (between Ngaroruru river and Comet Road)

Coverage – Limited coverage to 725 repeater only. No cell coverage.

Summit Marker – Nill. GPS required.

Land Access Permission – Not required – conservation land.

NB:  Photos are not for use elsewhere, without prior approval. 

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