So the plan here was to activate Te Atuaoparapara (locally called 66 – probably an old trig reference number) ZL1/MW-008 and then ZL1/HB-003. The walk up to the hut and out to Armstrong saddle was good. Once you pass the hut the landscape is very exposed and would be very unfriendly in adverse weather. I did make fairly good progress towards 66 however the track disappeared around the 1400 m contour and I found progress slow so I turned back towards HB-003. I have since learned that 66 is better accessed from the southern slopes. Next time. That said getting HB-003 (which I have unofficially named sunrise due to it’s proximity to the hut) was a welcome addition. 1 metre shy of being a 10 pointer, the 8 points were a great addition. On the main photo, 66 is the photo just to the right above the road, HB-003 is at the top above the fence line on the far right. Sunrise hut is about half way between the 2 on the skyline.

The track is remarkably well formed and a good pace can be maintained. It takes about 3 hours to get to the hut, which can be booked for an overnight stay here, or can be a nice place to have lunch as you pass through. Another 30 – 45 minutes to the summit from the hut across the tops. 10 contacts from this summit including a summit to summit with the radio runner Chris ZL4RA. Check out his youtube channel here. I may feature in the 3rd peak of the Lorn peak triple somewhere near the end of the clip.

A quick walk down but was fairly knackered by the end of this hike. Around 1100 m ascended today.


Summit – Unnamed ZL1/HB-003

Height – 1499 mASL (900 m climb)

Access – From end of North Block Rd, through farmland to the marked carpark.

Coverage – Good coverage to 670 and spark network.

Summit Marker – Rocks (its pretty obvious).

Land Access Permission – Not required however respect farming activities around the carpark.

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