ZL3/CB-596 – Mount Studholme

Soon after Easter, for family reasons, we needed to head to Waimate. Naturally, I scoped out the area and found a potential summit. This one hadn’t been activated yet. I scoured the web looking for clues as to what the access was, and I stumbled across a page describing the access being open, but 4 wheel drive was required. How is it that this drive up is sitting there unactivated I wondered?

The morning we set off, it was very foggy. Once we got onto the track the fogged rolled away, or more correctly we rolled out from underneath it. A beautiful clear calm day was awaiting above he cloud layer. Once we made it to the top we set up using the trig for a mast and stringing out the dipole. I started on 80 due to the hour of the day and made a single contact. Then QSYed to 40 and made 4 more contacts in quick succession. Onto 20 with 2 more contacts and back to 80 for another 4 contacts. Finally another blast on 40 for one more contact to make a total of 13 contacts for the summit.

We then packed up and went back down. A tiki-tour up the Waitaki valley through the McKenzie basin and across to Akaroa where we spent the night. A truly wonderful trip were we got to set eyes on ZL3/CB-001 Mt Cook / Aoraki – a first for us.


Summit – ZL3/CB-596 Mount Studholme

Height – 1086 mASL (drive up)

Access – Via doc 4wd track off Upper Hook Road

Coverage – Spark good coverage.

Summit Marker – Broadcast tower + trig

Land Access Permission – Not required.

NB:  Photos are not for use elsewhere, without prior approval

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