Flag Peak

Flag Peak is a summit on Banks Peninsula above a small seaside town called Akaroa. On our little south island holiday after a scenic drive through the McKenzie basin we stayed the night at Akaroa and figured we would get up and do flag peak in the morning. However the weather forecast did not look flash. Well they do make mistakes I figured so lets try it.

We drove up to the carpark and began walking in. About 10 minutes into the walk and the mist turned to showers. The family turned around and I passed over my backpack and just kept the VHF handheld and the phone and thought I’d soldier on in the rain. Fortunately the rain didnt get any worse. The track goes under the summit and you go past it and then double back up the ridge. It is open country so easy enough to find your way – over a couple of poorley looking fences and to the radio mast at the top.

I had one contact already on stand by and he was working to organise others to meet me on VHF given thats all I would be able to do, and the weather being unfavourable. I put my faith in the Christchurch hams and they came through for me. 4 contacts and I was off. This is a nice walk on a nice day, but to be fair was an ok walk on this day. 2 points and another unique I was a happy camper 🙂


Summit – Flag Peak ZL3/CB-737

Height – 809 mASL (100 m ascent)

Access – From the top of Stoney Bay Road, Akaroa, 20 min walk south to the summit.

Coverage – Spark coverage from the summit.

Summit Marker – Radio Pole

Land Access Permission – Not required.

NB:  Photos are not for use elsewhere, without prior approval

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