This little summit I had been up a few times in the past as part of providing comms for an equestrian endurance event near Ocean Beach. I still had the contact details with the land owner saved. So I figured I’d reach out and see if he remembered me and would let us drive to the summit. Luckily for us he did and I was able to head up for an activation of this as yet unactivated summit.

A bit of HF noise up here due to the other services however I think I was up too early for VK and only made contacts on 7 MHz. A total of 7 contacts made – 6 on 40 and a local on 2m.

A neat little summit to cross of the list but nothing spectacular except for the ocean views (and the chance to head to Ocean Beach for a swim afterwards). Permission is required and the track to the true summit is not entirely obvious in places (sometimes you have to go down to go up). I fyou want to do this one contact me I have the landowner details.


Summit – ZL1/HB-149

Height – 334 mASL

Access – Okahu farm, Waimarama Road.

Coverage – Good cell coverage. 670 repeater good.

Summit Marker – Cellsite.

Land Access Permission – Private Land, Permission required.

NB:  Photos are not for use elsewhere, without prior approval

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