Pihanga – ZL1/WK-016

Sometimes there have to be a few rewards for working in the industry that I do. This is one of those occasions. You see, I work in the power distribution business and among many things we do – one of them is to ensure that the public is kept safe from our assets – things like transformers, Transformers like the one on the top of the hill at Pihanga. Well on the last visit our inspectors noted a few issues with that transformer, and I was asked who should we get to sort it. Hmmm in less than a few microseconds I volunteered to send myself up to sort this issue. I had a chat with the team and said can you leave me there an hour or two? No problem as they had some aerial surveying to do in the area. So I scored myself a free ride up to Pihanga to do SOTA erm fix a transformer.

There’s not a lot of things to tie an aerial to up here – a trig and scrub. Low scrub. This could be fun. In attempts to pull the aerial tight to keep it up I broke it a few times. Grrrr.

Now weekday activations can be a challenge. Lets hope I can get to 4 before my taxi arrives. You know the stress, 1 2 and 3 aren’t to hard, but 4 is a challenge. Then after 4 comes 5 6 7 and 8 straight after hihi. Well this time it took about 30 minutes to get 4. After 4 I packed up as I knew my ride wouldn’t be too far away. 2 on 5 MHz, and 2 on 3.5 MHz. Difficult copy due to my aerial being so low to the ground. I’m sure my tuner was having a fit. Anyway it counts. I’ll take it. Sorry no insight for access up here although I’m sure it could be bush bashed from the Western slope.


Summit – Pihanga ZL1/WK-016

Height – 1326 mASL

Access – No known track to the summit

Coverage – Good cell coverage. good coverage into 675 repeater.

Summit Marker – Trig.

Land Access Permission – Conservation land – Not required.

NB:  Photos are not for use elsewhere, without prior approval

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