The fellowship of the mountain

Above Geoff ZL3GA, Ada ZL2ADA, Warren ZL2JML and Steve ZL1HFT. Geoff ZL3GA contacted me and asked about doing a joint activation. I was sold easy. So we discussed various summits. Geoff then said “why dont we do this one”? I wasnt sure access was still possible but before I had replied Geoff had done the research and all but sorted access. New summit? I’m certainly … Continue reading The fellowship of the mountain

ZL1/NL-002 Tutamoe

New Years Day! This is the second highest summit in Northland, so I figured it would be a good challenge for New Years Day for 2021/2022. Northland put on a beautiful day for this walk. The walk starts through forestry and doesn’t follow the track shown on the topo maps, however it is fairly obvious where to go. The right hand turn (see photo above) … Continue reading ZL1/NL-002 Tutamoe