Maunganui Bluff

We visited this summit so I could do the walk while Emma and the kids could explore the beach. Unfortunately the beach is not really a swimming beach so they mostly waited in the car while I activated this summit. This is a great short walk but it is a bit of a drive to get there.

The walk up was very pleasant but uphill the whole way. The first third walks elevated along the coast. Then the track turns inland through the bush and the last third climbs along a fence line to the summit. There is flowing water in a couple of places along the track which was ideal for wetting the forehead to keep the temperature gauge form overheating.

At the top is a grass clearing with some old concrete foundations from an old building. There is no view form the top but most of the way up there are plenty of views south down the coast.

My first contact form the summit was with Soren on Te Aroha. Thanks for the Summit to summit Soren. After that I made 3 contacts on 20 and 5 more contacts on 40 as well as working Nick ZL1IU on VHF. 10 Contacts in the log. The walk down was brisk and I managed to get down in 60 minutes. This is a neat little summit that is good to stretch the legs on. Its a shame it only nets a single point.

PS) Deffinitely no swimming at the beach at the bottom of this summit. There are severe rips all along there (clearly signposted info regarding this). Plenty of fishing spots (catch limits apply as per sign posts), however, beach access for 4WD’s, and rock pools to explore.


Summit – ZL1/NL-025 Maunganui

Height – 459 mASL (Climb 440 m)

Access – From the end of Aranga Coast Road.

Nominal time to summit – 90 minutes up. 60 minutes down.

Summit Marker – Radio site

Land Access Permission – Not Required – DOC Track

NB: Photos not for use elsewhere without prior permission

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