The fellowship of the mountain

Above Geoff ZL3GA, Ada ZL2ADA, Warren ZL2JML and Steve ZL1HFT.

Geoff ZL3GA contacted me and asked about doing a joint activation. I was sold easy. So we discussed various summits. Geoff then said “why dont we do this one”? I wasnt sure access was still possible but before I had replied Geoff had done the research and all but sorted access. New summit? I’m certainly in. The only catch was we needed a party of 3 minimum. So I reached out to a few and Steve ZL1HFT, Warren ZL2JML and Ada ZL2ADA all said they were also keen. And so the fellowship was born.

I was a bit concerned my lack of fitness would be highlighted but Geoff and Warren went off ahead, I walked up with Steve and Ada followed us not far behind. I think Geoff nearly killed Warren! He was looking well worked at the summit.

We rendezvoused at the Kawarau visitor center and set off in the Land Rover from there. Warren was taking notes of my vehicle radio fit out much to Ada’s concern. The track up is a 4WD track almost all the way up. Once you reach the rim of the summit crater take the 4WD track to the right. This ends in a turning bay and there are stairs up from there. Once you get to the top there are a number of tracks all going to different places. One has a pest trap used as a step (near the last power pole). Go that way.

At the top Geoff did CW, Warren did 40, Steve set up on 2m and I did a bit of 20 but mostly jumped on everyone elses radio. We also each wandered out of the AZ to complete the summit with Ada. Notable contacts include VHF S2S to Te Mata with Gary ZL2GAZ, ZL1IU in Bay of Islands on VHF, a very tough S2S contact with VK2IO on 20 and the return of Chris ZL4RA – S2S on 40. Chris has a youtube channel – a video from his side of the day can be found here His videos are highly entertaining and worth a look. With 21 contacts in the log, including 9 S2S, this was a successful walk. Just over 2 hours up for me and just over 1 hour back down.


Summit – ZL1/BP-132 Edgecumbe / Putauaki

Height – 821 mASL (Climb 570)

Access – From private forestry road near sawmill. Drive to bottom of 4wd track on topo and walk up 4wd track from there.

Nominal time to summit – 2 hours

Mobile and internet coverage from the summit – easy cell and coverage to 700 repeater

Summit Marker – Trig

Land Access Permission – Required via MIL ( Permit cost $10.

NB: Photos are not for use elsewhere without prior permission

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