This is an unnamed summit above lake Rotopaunamu. There is no track to this summit so its a bash up the ridge to the top. Fortunately the activation zone is large so once you are inside the 940 m contour you can activate. The walk up was fairly straight forward with the help of my GPS map app.

Once in the AZ I found a fallen tree to set up on and stretched the dipole out between 2 trees that were still standing. Wynne was still waiting at Lowry so I worked him for a summit to summit. After Wynne I made 7 further contacts to make the first activation of this summit.

I recommend turning off the track After the track splits which wasnt what I did going up but I came back that way following what may have been a trappers trail.

This was a good SOTA day with 2 new 6 point uniques in one day.


Summit – ZL1/WK-033

Height – 963 m (climb 250 m)

Access – From Lake Rotopounamu track, SH47.

Nominal time to summit – 90 minutes

Mobile and internet coverage from the summit – Coverage from the top but no coverage on the way up.

Summit Marker – None – GPS Map required.

Land Access Permission – Not required.

NB: Photos are not for use elsewhere without prior permission

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