ZL1/WK-125 : Maungakawa

Maungakawa (WK-125 not WK-134) has been on my list of to do summits for a while. So on the 2nd of April I gave this a go. The track starts off from Matahuru Road by going 80 m down to a stream. This was not going to be fun coming back out. From the stream its a 400 m climb to the top.

Further up the track pops out next to farmland then back into the bush before you eventually reach the summit. There is a comms tower at the top but it doesnt add too much to the noise floor fortunately. At the top I made 8 contacts. After that back down – to the stream then climb back out to the roadside.


Summit – ZL1/WK-125 Maungakawa

Height – 535 m (climb 400 m)

Access – From Matahuru Road

Nominal time to summit – 2 Hours

Mobile and internet coverage from the summit – Good cell coverage

Summit Marker – Radio Tower

Land Access Permission – Not required – DoC track.

NB: Photos are not for use elsewhere without prior permission

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