Ngaroma – ZL1/WK-080

After leaving ZL1/WK-110 I carried on to Ngaroma. I parked up near an impliment shed and walked up through the paddocks, accross the airstrip and to the bushline. From there I found what I thought was a track however I got vined out. So I found a way around the vines and climbed up to a ridge where I unexpectedly found track markers. From there I followed the markers to a clearing on the summit.

Theres plenty of space in the clearing to set up a 40 m dipole so I found a shady spot and got going. With 18 contacts all up including 3 summit to summits and working my friend VK4NU (ex ZL2WD Hayden) I had a good muster in the log. I took the chance to enjoy lunch and soak in the views before heading back down.

Down through the bush I followed the markers along the ridge and then dropped down the face to the bushline. From there its a walk out across farmland. A quick text to the owner to let him know I’m clear and off home from a weekend activating 3 ATNO summits.


Summit – ZL1/WK-080

Height – 701 mASL (climb 250 m)

Access – From corner of Wairehi, Tolley and Ngaroma Roads.

Nominal time to summit – 1 hour

Mobile and internet coverage from the summit – OK if you hold your phone up

Summit Marker – Iron peg / clearing

Land Access Permission – Required (same landowner as ZL1/WK-078) – See ZL2AJ for contact details.

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