Tolley Road – Zl1/WK-078

This is a summit that I have flown over a couple of times on my way to Whakaahu (ZL1/WK-084) and pondered its accessibility. It turns out I had some dealings with the land owner from work so I reached out to him to see if he would give us permission to walk to the top. The land owner being a friendly local said I could drive almost all the way up and he was right. Since the rest of the family havent been on an activation with me for a while we all came up. The track up is good and its fairly obvious which way to go (visible on Google Earth).

It was a pretty cold breeze the day we activated it and you can see by the trees that it gets pretty windy up here. Nothing an extra layer of clothes didnt fix. Once set up I made 11 contacts – all on 7 MHz, including a S2S with ZL1ALF in Wellington. While I was SOTAing Myah was handing out chocolate, Emma was taking photographs, and Wyatt found a warm place to hide.

On the way out I eyed up another summit near by – and asked the land owner if he knew who the owner was to ask (expecting him to mention a neighbour). He said he owned that one too so I arranged access for that – but that is for another bog (ZL1/WK-080).


Summit – ZL1/WK-078

Height – 718 mASL

Access – Tolley Road

Nominal time to summit – Drive almost all the way up with 4wd.

Mobile and internet coverage from the summit – Good coverage, 7375.

Summit Marker – Not marked but fairly obvious.

Land Access Permission – Required – contact ZL2AJ for details.

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