On our way home from the Toley Road summit we drove past this one and it looked like an easy walk. All I had to do was to figure out who owned the land. So on my way to the Ngaroma summit ZL1/WK-080 I figured I’d door knock until I found the owner. The last house on Aotea Road on the right just before the saddle to the summit is where the owner appears to live. However he wasnt home. I looked down the road and saw the sheep penned up with a few bikes parked up so I thought I’d ask there. The owner gave permission but only because he had the animals already mustered. How lucky am I right?

I parked near the side of the road and walked up. The walk up didnt take long till I found what appeared to be the top. A quick check on the map and I was there. Excellent views into Hamilton and beyond. I set up and made 8 contacts on 7 MHz. I went to try VHF but I realised I had left my handheld in the ute. O well.

Just as I packed up to leave I heard John ZL3MR activating Otanewainuku. I didnt feel like going back so I hoped he would stick around for my next summit. To the North you can see Wharepuhunga summit (with a tower on it) however it is 5 metres shorter.


Summit – ZL1/WK-110

Height – 593 m (160 m climb)

Access – from top of Aotearoa Road

Nominal time to summit – 30 – 45 min

Mobile and internet coverage from the summit – good coverage.

Summit Marker – None – GPS helps but its fairly obvious

Land Access Permission – Required.

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