Burns Range

Continued from the Kohinga Blog

Once I packed up at the summit of Kohinga I needed to find the shortest way to Burns Ridge. I came down the southern side of the ridge which was mostly grassland and looked for a good path down. Ultimately there wasn’t one but given gravity was on my side and I could see a skid site below I aimed for that bashing my way down. Eventually I landed at a skid site on Spear grass road (not marked on the map but you can see it on google earth) and walked that road down to Burns Road. From here it is forestry road all the way up (mostly) to Burns Ridge. When you get to the top head West into the Manuka scrub. The scrub is low and wind blown so it was a tough bash and hard on the skin – so wear long pants. Ask me how I know this. I used my map to watch my bash progress and once I was inside the 940 m contour I considered myself in the Activation zone. I found a clear spot ish and set up again.

From Burns Ridge I made 10 contacts, the most notable contacts being a contact on 144 MHz SSB and 3 S2S contacts. Bash back out of the scrub then follow Burns Road for the long walk out to the car.


Summit – Burns Range ZL1/HB-060

Height – 960 mASL

Access – Via Burns Rd – Forestry – or the crazy path I took in the blog text.

Nominal time to summit – 2 hours if your going straight to this one. Much much less with an eBike (must try that one day)

Mobile and internet coverage from the summit – good coverage on spark.

Summit Marker – None – GPS essential.

Land Access Permission – Forestry access permission required (see text on Kohinga blog).


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