Pukemako is a summit not far from Pureora. I had spotted it on the maps before and wondered if it would be get able. Access is via a forestry road that peels of the road to the Pureora summit not far from SH30. Dont do what I did, and stay on the same forestry road until you get to the last turn off to the summit. I turned off and ended up going down an overgrown track and ended up having to do a loop.

You can drive into the AZ but I decided to go for a wander up to the summit actual. There is a burial site up there so please be careful and respectful of that. There is also plenty of Blackberry bush around to avoid.

I made 11 contacts from this summit, 10 on 7 MHz and one on 21 MHz.


Summit –Pukemako – ZL1/WK-068

Height – 746 mASL

Access – From Maraeroa Rd – Into Pukemako Road. Turn left into side road up to summit.

Nominal time to summit – Drive up.

Mobile and internet coverage from the summit –

Summit Marker – None.

Land Access Permission – Forestry. OK if the gate is open.


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