Night time activation of St Paul’s Rock

While Emma caught up with friends in Kerikeri I thought I would duck out to do a quick activation of St Paul’s Rock ZL1/NL-090. Sadly becuase it was night time there are no photos so the photos here are ones found on the internet. Night time activations are tricky because the bands are totally different than day time conditions. As such 3.7 MHz was where … Continue reading Night time activation of St Paul’s Rock


With the annual NZART conference being in Mosgeil this year, of course it was yet another perfect opportunity to activate a couple of untouched Otago Summits before we jumped on our plane and headed home. The SOTA presentation at conference was well received and hopefully it may encourage some new SOTAteers in the future. Monday morning bright and early to rendezvous with Kyle ZL2KGF and … Continue reading Sandymount