Riley’s Mountain

Much to Myah’s amusement we discovered a summit named ‘Riley’s Mountain’ – Back home in NZ her best friend at school is named ‘Riely’ so we decided to humor her and go and activate this summit, which of course suited Warren just fine. We headed back out from our home base for the week in Darling Harbor to the Blue Mountains early afternoon arriving around … Continue reading Riley’s Mountain

Mount Tomah – Sydney’s Blue Mountains

Not too far back down the main road we traveled to Mount Banks, is Mount Tomah – a nice easy drive to, though no views to admire any which way you look. Since we were in the area however Warren decided it wasn’t to be left un-activated and so we ticked this one off for the day’s second summit. There’s really not much to say … Continue reading Mount Tomah – Sydney’s Blue Mountains

Mount Banks – Sydney’s Blue Mountains

The end of June marked a very full on last few months for us and we had already decided a family holiday with the kids outside of our own backyard was in order this year so Sydney it was for us all for a week. Of course for Warren, no holiday is complete until SOTA has been included, and well, who were we were stop … Continue reading Mount Banks – Sydney’s Blue Mountains