Even a SOTA GOAT needs a little help sometimes… ZL1-MW/020 Hauhungatahi

Well this summit generated a bit of excitement for me. Hauhungatahi is the 4th tallest volcano in New Zealand after Ruapehu, Taranaki and Ngauruhoe. This summit is clearly visible from National park if you are driving south on SH4 towards Raetihi as that large hill on the left hand side of the road. There are no marked tracks on the map to the summit, so … Continue reading Even a SOTA GOAT needs a little help sometimes… ZL1-MW/020 Hauhungatahi

Zl1/WK-009 Umukarikari

Umukarikari is a summit near Turangi in the Kaimanawa ranges. A big summit. 1591 mASL makes it a 10 pointer. 13 if you do it in winter bonus period. I walked up this summit only 2 weeks after cyclone Gabrielle had caused devastation to parts of the North Island, including leveling pine plantations in the area. As such there were a lot of downed trees … Continue reading Zl1/WK-009 Umukarikari

Kohinga / Bonny Mary

Kohinga is a summit I have climbed once before – when we were trialing different radio repeater sites for the Kaweka Challenge mountain marathon. The marathon doesn’t exist anymore but the mountain is still there. I contacted the forestry and the manager gave me permission to enter. Based on this and previous conversations he seems happy provided its outside of the roar and the fire … Continue reading Kohinga / Bonny Mary

Ngaroma – ZL1/WK-080

After leaving ZL1/WK-110 I carried on to Ngaroma. I parked up near an impliment shed and walked up through the paddocks, accross the airstrip and to the bushline. From there I found what I thought was a track however I got vined out. So I found a way around the vines and climbed up to a ridge where I unexpectedly found track markers. From there … Continue reading Ngaroma – ZL1/WK-080