With the annual NZART conference being in Mosgeil this year, of course it was yet another perfect opportunity to activate a couple of untouched Otago Summits before we jumped on our plane and headed home. The SOTA presentation at conference was well received and hopefully it may encourage some new SOTAteers in the future. Monday morning bright and early to rendezvous with Kyle ZL2KGF and … Continue reading Sandymount

Town Hill – Gisborne ZL1/GI-155

Gisborne’s closest and publicly accessible summit is Town Hill. For my annual training trip to Gisborne I thought I would add this one to my list. The weather looked sketchy but I figured I would risk it. Half way up dark clouds gathered on the horizon. However I still favoured pushing on – what is a little rain anyway right? Fortunately the rain left me … Continue reading Town Hill – Gisborne ZL1/GI-155

Tamahunga or “Volcanic Son”

Earlier this year we had made a disappointing effort to conquer this summit, however due to rain setting in we had turned back about half way.   The night before had brought heavy consistent rain to the area and the track was becoming boggy underfoot, so with safety in mind we had abandoned ship.   On Anzac day without the usual work obligations stopping a mid week … Continue reading Tamahunga or “Volcanic Son”