Mount Threeve – ZL1/HB-130

Mount Threeve is located to the south of Hastings and is a secondary transmitter site for broadcast radio. It once also broadcasted TV 4 and Hawkes Bay TV, however these transmitters were switched off during the move to digital. There are still FM broadcast and land mobile users on site. While teaching in Hastings, I had an early finish and a free afternoon to go … Continue reading Mount Threeve – ZL1/HB-130

Mount Eden – Another region under our belts

Today we were in Auckland for a delayed family Christmas outing with Warren’s work to the Auckland Zoo.   Warren took the opportunity of course to slip in and get another summit under his belt and in his log.   While Warren is not the first to activate Mt Eden for ZL SOTA, this was a first for him all the same.    Andrew VK3ARR  activated Mt Eden … Continue reading Mount Eden – Another region under our belts