Kohinga / Bonny Mary

Kohinga is a summit I have climbed once before – when we were trialing different radio repeater sites for the Kaweka Challenge mountain marathon. The marathon doesn’t exist anymore but the mountain is still there. I contacted the forestry and the manager gave me permission to enter. Based on this and previous conversations he seems happy provided its outside of the roar and the fire … Continue reading Kohinga / Bonny Mary

Ngaroma – ZL1/WK-080

After leaving ZL1/WK-110 I carried on to Ngaroma. I parked up near an impliment shed and walked up through the paddocks, accross the airstrip and to the bushline. From there I found what I thought was a track however I got vined out. So I found a way around the vines and climbed up to a ridge where I unexpectedly found track markers. From there … Continue reading Ngaroma – ZL1/WK-080