The hill near Clevedon ZL1/AK-018

We had a bit of choosing to do before we selected this summit to activate. Other contenders were ZL1/WK-200 which we discovered was on private land, ZL1/WK-141, which we found was a 5 hour walk without permission, and ZL1/WK-054 which was probably a bit to big for us to manage today. So with a bit of advice from John ZL1BYZ we selected this summit ZL1/AK-018. … Continue reading The hill near Clevedon ZL1/AK-018

Mount Erin ZL1/HB-116

It turns out we had a bit of spare time after installing the APRS digi and reactivating ZL1/HB-130 Threeve. So with Dave ZL2DW on board (who has access to commercial sites) we thought we would give Mt Erin a quick activation. This one is a drive up but requires permission from an authorised technician. As you can see from the photos it was a warm … Continue reading Mount Erin ZL1/HB-116

The “153” from Gisborne Region

The first summit to be activated in Gisborne was also my fourth “153” Summit. I have previously activated ZL1/WK-153 near Cambridge, a very popular summit. ZL1/WL-153 Mount Crawford a drive up in Mirimar Wellington, and ZL1/HB-153 Cape Kidnappers in Hawkes Bay recently. ZL1/GI-153 is near Te Karaka and hosts a cell site, rural internet and the local amateur 950 repeater. My companion was ZL2CC who … Continue reading The “153” from Gisborne Region