ZL3/CB-596 – Mount Studholme

Soon after Easter, for family reasons, we needed to head to Waimate. Naturally, I scoped out the area and found a potential summit. This one hadn’t been activated yet. I scoured the web looking for clues as to what the access was, and I stumbled across a page describing the access being open, but 4 wheel drive was required. How is it that this drive … Continue reading ZL3/CB-596 – Mount Studholme

Gentle Annie – ZL1/MW-107

I have driven past this summit before and contemplated activating it. On the 25th of September I did just that. This summit I have unofficially named the Gentle Annie, as the road that passes here is called the same with reference to the quality of the road climbing up the western side from Kuripapango. The road is now sealed so has lost some of its … Continue reading Gentle Annie – ZL1/MW-107