Town Hill – Gisborne ZL1/GI-155

Gisborne’s closest and publicly accessible summit is Town Hill. For my annual training trip to Gisborne I thought I would add this one to my list. The weather looked sketchy but I figured I would risk it. Half way up dark clouds gathered on the horizon. However I still favoured pushing on – what is a little rain anyway right? Fortunately the rain left me … Continue reading Town Hill – Gisborne ZL1/GI-155

Tamahunga or “Volcanic Son”

Earlier this year we had made a disappointing effort to conquer this summit, however due to rain setting in we had turned back about half way.   The night before had brought heavy consistent rain to the area and the track was becoming boggy underfoot, so with safety in mind we had abandoned ship.   On Anzac day without the usual work obligations stopping a mid week … Continue reading Tamahunga or “Volcanic Son”

ZL1/HB-131 – ZL2GR’s personal summit

After a week of teaching I had a SOTA Saturday where I had arranged in advance to visit 2 summits in Central Hawkes Bay. This, the first of the two summits, is actually ham land. ZL2GR Gerard owns a farm near Omakere in Central Hawkes Bay that just happens to contain a summit. With some pre-warning, Gerard was able to take me up his summit, … Continue reading ZL1/HB-131 – ZL2GR’s personal summit

Springbrook Summit – the easiest 8 pointer around.

After fare-welling sunny Norfolk Island it was back to the tropical heat of Brisbane again and on up to Springbrook.    Just quietly Warren hadn’t done his research to what was in the area other than the summit and accommodation for our two nights there and so we had to make a trip back to civilization to get dinner.  On that note, if you are … Continue reading Springbrook Summit – the easiest 8 pointer around.

Norfolk’s lone summit – Mt Bates

So recently we made a trip to Norfolk.  Yeah we have heard it all before, why Norfolk? …..You know that is where the oldies go right?  Well that suited us just fine, the slower pace the quieter life and while that certainly was reflected on the Island there is more to do than you think, yes, including a lone summit for activation.   It is virtually … Continue reading Norfolk’s lone summit – Mt Bates

The hill near Clevedon ZL1/AK-018

We had a bit of choosing to do before we selected this summit to activate. Other contenders were ZL1/WK-200 which we discovered was on private land, ZL1/WK-141, which we found was a 5 hour walk without permission, and ZL1/WK-054 which was probably a bit to big for us to manage today. So with a bit of advice from John ZL1BYZ we selected this summit ZL1/AK-018. … Continue reading The hill near Clevedon ZL1/AK-018

Mount Erin ZL1/HB-116

It turns out we had a bit of spare time after installing the APRS digi and reactivating ZL1/HB-130 Threeve. So with Dave ZL2DW on board (who has access to commercial sites) we thought we would give Mt Erin a quick activation. This one is a drive up but requires permission from an authorised technician. As you can see from the photos it was a warm … Continue reading Mount Erin ZL1/HB-116