Te Toiokawharu – Waitakare Ranges

After making it off Rangitoto Island and back to Auckland City, a quick bite to eat and off we set again, this time headed for the Waitakare Ranges.   We had been up here investigating a few months ago after being in Auckland to see “The Pink Floyd Experience” but weather was not looking flash that day and we decided it was best to just head … Continue reading Te Toiokawharu – Waitakare Ranges


Redwoods, Whakarewarewa Forrest Trek to the summit – ZL1/BP-154

This mission began after Matthew ZL2MNB advertised he was to activate ZL1/WK-060 The Pinnacles, but with only VHF FM. Fellow ZL1 activators soon realised that for him to make the required 4 contacts he would need help. Help in the form of hams at altitude. Hams at summits. And so began an impromptu ZL1 S2S day. 6 Activators were out in ZL1 activating 5 summits. … Continue reading Redwoods, Whakarewarewa Forrest Trek to the summit – ZL1/BP-154


Mount Pirongia – ZL1/WK-034

Emma and I did this was a little over 2years ago when SOTA hadn’t made it to New Zealand. Because of this (and other commitments with the children, in particular Miss 9’s increasing social life) Emma decided to sit this one out. Pirongia is not for the faint hearted. It is a decent walk in to the summit – allow plenty of time (fully dawn … Continue reading Mount Pirongia – ZL1/WK-034


Cooper’s Knob -ZL3/CB-806

A trip to Christchurch for a project presentation gave me an opportunity to do a joint activation with Andrew ZL3CC of Cooper’s Knob. We did eye up a higher summit but circumstances and weather happened to be against us. Andrew has been very active in ZL3 so it was good to finally activate one together. Andrew had activated this summit earlier but a quick trip … Continue reading Cooper’s Knob -ZL3/CB-806