ZL1/NL-086 Maungaraho

There aren’t any tracks shown on the topo maps but a bit of research and I found this reserve is managed by the local district council and there is a track to the summit. As we were gearing up for our summer vacation nearby I figured this would have to go onto the list. This summit had not yet been activated so it would be a new first time unique.

I think I found the translation for this – Maunga = mountain and Raho = testicle – so is this mountain nuts? Maybe the local translation has some context. Remember in in almost every other language the adjectives come after the noun.

There is a loop track around the rock and a track to the summit. To get to the summit take the loop track clockwise and around the back there is a sign where the track splits. Be aware there is a place where the track appears to split earlier but it is a false track (although you can get to the summit track as we discovered). Then you get to chains. This isn’t too hard but I wouldn’t recommend in the wet or if you are nervous with heights. It took us 30 minutes from the car park to the top. We went out continuing the loop track around for a change in scenery – worth it.

At the top there is a small saddle to pull the dipole over with the trig at one end and a shrub at the other. 7 contacts on 40, 2 on 20 and I was able to work ZL1IU Nick on 2.

As an epilogue I did this one again on the way back from Tutamoe on New Years Day. I made it to the top only to discover I had flattened my battery bank on Tutamoe so it was to be a VHF only activation. This was going to be tough. Fortunately I made my 4 – but I’m sure a lot of luck was involved. I worked Dave ZL1DL who was holidaying nearby and chased me on Tutamoe. Then Nick ZL1IU. Paul ZL4AX heard Nick working me and I moved around to catch Paul as well. Then number 4. A lot of calling on local repeaters to no avail. Finally Michael AE0OU/ZL popped up who saw the spot on ham alert. Saved my bacon (sorry for the ham pun). Thanks Michael who was staying at Baylys Beach. Made my day!

Summit – ZL1/NL-086 Maungaraho

Height – 221 mASL (ascend 100 m)

Access – From end of Maungaraho Rock Road

Coverage – Cell coverage is good. Access into 560 repeater.

Summit Marker – Trig

Land Access Permission – Local conservation land – Not required.

NB:  Photos are not for use elsewhere, without prior approval

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